Baby Room

Our baby room takes babies from 4 months until the child is ready to graduate to the Crazy Caterpillars room.Time in this space is about nurturing loving relationships where each child is cared for to their own routine

Partnership with parents is paramount when starting out on this road together, and we acknowledge and respect that parents are the primary care giver to their child. We work with parents/guardians towards helping each child develop and learn to the best of their ability. Bond and attachment are very important and our children become very attached to their care givers during their time with us.
Our Busy Bees room has a range of toys and equipment that will help your child develop and become an independent and active learner in this world. We offer a variety of activities sing songs, story-time, one to one time as well as arts and crafts. Each child is loved and let know they are special.


When your child is ready and space becomes available we will discuss with you about your child graduating into the toddler rooms. We will build their confidence and nurture their self esteem in an environment which will enhance their early learning development. Children have individual interests and we will help develop their schemas??? while encouraging them to enhance their skills when moving onto the next stage in their development. The toddler rooms are divided into different areas of interest, quiet and book area, sensory area, sand/water and table top area, construction area, kitchen/make believe area and an arts and crafts area.
Children benefit by socialising, exploring, experimenting, group work, dance and music. We see our children as active learners and allow them the space and voice in the decision making working with their carer to get a balance of adult and child led activities. We carry out child observations and reviews in a holistic manner and feed back to parents/guardians through daily sheets and discussions.

When your child is ready to move to the next room we first discuss with the parent/guardians and organise visits to help this be a smooth transition for everyone.

Pre School (BEAVERS)

We offer a combination of the Maria Montessori curriculum and learning through play. Our aim is to scaffold and support each child while encouraging them to move through their learning and development at their own pace. Our Pre-school room has a number of areas where children explore and work through the concept of practical life, mathematics, geography, language, sensorial and science to equip them with life long learning skills. One to one is provided to each child and a portfolio of their work is kept for feed back to parents. We also give the parents/guardians a window into their child’s time here through the “month in review” technique, which shows their journey through a display of photographs.


Fun and social interaction isa major part of our afterschool programme. We provide a space for homework and this is mixed with free play and other group activities. Collection from Ballinderreen National School and a Bus Service from Educate Together, Kilcolgan is available.